Texas Vessels and Fabrications LLC.

Texas Vessel & Fabrications LLC. is a code certified design and fabrication company located in Jacksonville, Texas. TVF provides services to WCS and other clients. TVF can design, fabricate, hydro, paint, insulate, and certify vessels. TVF currently holds ASME "U" and "R" stamps that allow construction of new or repair/alteration of existing vessels. Inaddition, complete turnkey process modules can be designed, fabricated, assembled, tested, and transported to client locations. There is 63,315 sqft of shop space of which 45,200 sqft is under crane. Overhead crane capacity is 340,000 lbs. On-site storage is done in 34,000 sqft of warehouse space. A 13,600 sqft paint/blast facility allows for on-site coating of equipment.
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